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As a group,  entrepreneurs tend to be very intelligent and highly skilled. They like to excel  at their chosen occupation and tend to be hard working, optimistic and able to overcome immense obstacles. They have accomplished what many can only dream about - a life as their own boss, with the limitless capacity to earn as much as their minds allow.


2  Types of Entrepreneurs


This article will focus on two types of entrepreneurs: The self employed professional and the small business owner.

The self-employed person

There are are many ways to be self-employed as a professional person - doctors, consultants, builders are just a few examples. As a professional, their pride is based on their excellence - therefore they tend to keep their skills updated and work hard to provide satisfaction to their patients or clients.

While being self-employed gives a person independence and autonomy, there are often drawbacks - its hard to market yourself and stay motivated to look for new business. Today, you need certain technological skills to market yourself, which you may not have. Newspaper Ads that always worked in the past, may be less effective today. When things aren't going well, on your own, its hard to understand the source of the problem.

Is the problem your competition? Your location? Not the right advertizing? Sometimes, there isn't really anything in the outside world which is in your way - what stops you is your own psychological make-up -- your approach. We can help to find the source of the problems and help you to focus on your growth problem.

There is a real difference between being a plumber and owning a plumbing business, because in the first, you can only earn money if you are working, but in the second, money comes in, even if you are not on the job. Let's look at the pros and cons of that kind of business.

The Small Business Owner

The small business owner is also an entrepreneur. They are usually proud of their accomplishments, optimistic, and continually fighting against the reality that only a small number of  businesses succeed over time.


Unlike the self-employed person, the small business owner does not have to be physically present in order to generate  income.  Success comes from their ability to deliver a great product, and to get the word out about their services and products. The best entrepreneurs will also create a company culture where people are happy and work hard. An important part of their accomplishments are the direct result of hiring extremely capable people who require less supervision. They also know how to set up efficient systems that save time and money and produce wonderful products. We can help you in all these areas - so you can grow your business as you envision it.

For all Entrepreneurs

For all entrepreneurs, the question is how to expand? There are very real psychological differences between people who are extremely successful and those who are not:

If you have a successful coffee shop, what stops you from having two or more?  What psychological characteristics differentiate a coffee shop owner from a Starbucks creator?  Fears about loss of control or about failure often holds us back. Risk can be terrifying. To learn more and to conquer your blocks to success, just give us a call.

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