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Creating Wealth 


From a spiritual point of view, creating wealth is a natural part of life. Each of us is born with a unique gift which we can do better than anyone else on this planet. Discovering that talent,  and aligning your mind, body and soul so that you are able to share your gift with others, and then never giving up, can bring tremendous prosperity.


In his book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki explains that we are all one skill set, one formula away from being rich. In this excellent book, Kiyosaki tells a simple true story - his own. He  was "raised" by two dads - one rich and one middle class. Based on his experience, he outlines the differences between how rich and middle class parents teach their children about money. 


He likes to emphasize that the rich understand that each moment you hold a dollar in your hands is a moment of financial power. You have the choice: will the dollar be spent on an asset or a liability? Your financial IQ will determine the answer.

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Financial Intelligence

Financial IQ has several principles. Here we will examine the difference between an asset and a liability. Rich people, Kiyosaki explains, buy assets, while poorer people buy liabilities and think they are assets. Assets put money in your pocket, liabilities take money from your pocket. Many well-intentioned middle class parents think of their house, for example as an asset. It is -- for the bank -- it earns interest for the bank from your loan. But for you, it is a liability as money flows out of your pocket in order to finance and repair your house. In his words:

“Money often makes obvious our tragic human flaws…if the cash-flow pattern running in your

head is to spend everything you get, most likely an increase in cash flow will just result in an increase

in spending. You will miss opportunities and you may be forced to work harder because your money

keeps blowing out your expense column."


“If you want to be rich, spend your life buying assets.

If you want to be poor, spend your life buying liabilities.”


I highly recommend "Rich Dad Poor Dad" because it makes complex financial issues easy to understand. Here is a table of some assets and liabilities:


Assets Liabilities



royalty payments

real estate investment

owning a company

your house

your car

your possessions

your debt


You will notice that income from your job is not in the asset column. Your income requires that you be physically present to earn it, but your assets  work for you


The rich focus on their asset column not their income. And they are careful to use additional income to purchase more assets. In essence, Kiyosaki recommends that you keep your day job, keep your expenses low and find a formula to grow your assets. 


What's in your mind determines what's in your hand


Kiyosaki experienced first hand, that different thought patterns produce different patterns of wealth. In his words:  “The single most important asset we have is our mind. An untrained mind can also create poverty that lasts lifetimes by teaching it to their children."

For Kiyosaki, money is only an idea. So if you want more money you can simply change your thinking because "its what’s in your head that determines what’s in your hands” 

Here is a simple table that compares some of the different ways that rich and middle class parents think and communicate with their children around the topics of money.


Poor Dad

Rich Dad


Money doesn’t matter.

Money is Power.

Love of money is the root of all evil.   Lack of money is the root
  of all evil

Afford it

I cant afford it

How can I afford it


To find a good job

To own a good company

Dinner Talk

Forbade money as a topic

Encouraged talk of money


I am poor because I have children

I must be rich

because I have children

Financial Risk

Play it safe

Manage Risk


Biggest asset

Biggest Liability


Impressive resume

Strong business Plan

On being rich

I’ll never be rich

Even when broke,  “I’m rich and rich people do this…”


Your mind can be your best friend, always assuring you and propelling you  forward - or your mind can be a cage, where you continuously repeat thoughts that keep you from success. To learn more and to conquer your blocks, just give us a call. Our services are all listed below.